Conference 6-9 October 2011


Why is there anything? Cosmos, logos, and the “why” of the universe … is a transdisciplinary inquiry into the origins and meaning of the cosmos, cross-fertilized by scientific, philosophical, and theological perspectives centered on an exploration of the question most foundational to each: why is there something, rather than nothing at all? •       Participation is […]

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Public Session 8 Oct


Session V: Sir Martin Rees Saturday 8 October—Day Two From Big Bangs to Biospheres, and Beyond Moderated by Priyamvada Natarajan The Public Session—the one Conference session open to the entire academic community—began at 8:00 p.m. at the Whitney Humanities Center (53 Wall Street). There the Conference had the honor of hearing Professor Sir Martin Rees […]

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Speakers include some of the world’s most esteemed and accomplished scholars in their respective fields. The following is a partial list, arranged alphabetically. David Z. Albert is Frederick E. Woodbridge Professor of Philosophy and Director of the M.A. Program in The Philosophical Foundations of Physics at Columbia University in New York. He received his B.S. […]

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The Conference was divided into six sessions; introduction, five topic sessions, and a public session.  All sessions except the public session were by invitation only.

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